1976: Settling the Poole Case

TAEX (AgriLife) Documents

By Greg Moses

1976: Pleading for Settlement

Cooksey 1976a: Letter from Frank C. Cooksey, Special Assistant to Texas Attorney General John L. Hill; to Dr. Jack K. Williams, President of Texas A&M University; March 19, 1976; a three-page letter with three attachments: (1) a five-page “Comparison of Mississippi Judgment and TAEX Consent Decree,” (2) a three-page “Comparison of Alabama Judgment and TAEX Consent Decree,” (3) a one-page “Features in TAEX Consent Decree not Included in Other Decrees.”

In this letter attorney Cooksey argues why the Texas A&M Board of Directors [now known as Regents] should accept a consent decree that would settle a class-action civil rights suit initiated by black county agent Preston Poole. Poole et al v. Williams, et al, In the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Div., Civil Action No. 72-H-150.

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