Key Documents in Texas Higher Education

Reverse Chronology

By Greg Moses

1997: OCR and the National Black Law Students Association

Cantu 1997: Letter from Norma V. Cantu, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights; to Joseph Gourrier, Attorney General of the National Black Law Students Association; June 28, 1997. Two pages. Although the letterhead and typed salutation are from the Assistant Secretary, the actual signature is by “Raymond C. Pierce for NVC.”

Cantu explains that OCR is investigating Texas higher education as a result of the 1992 Fordice ruling to determine, “the State’s compliance with its OCR approved desegregation plan and its efforts to eliminate all vestiges of the de jure system” (p.1).

“Our activity in Texas began on Feb. 4, 1997 when we advised Governor George Bush that we would begin our review of the State’s higher education system” (p.1.).

“During our higher education system review, the Title VI allegations of your complaint will be addressed” (p.2.) [Note: As Attorney General of the National Black Law Students Association, Gourrier filed a complaint in 1996 on behalf of black citizens in Texas, alleging that vestiges of segregation had not yet been overcome in Texas higher education.]

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