Target 2014: Cooperative Extension Centennial

The Cooperative Extension Services were created by Congress in 1914. This is a page for thinking out loud about the upcoming centennial.

Civil Rights at Land Grant Colleges

Wallenstein, Peter. “Civil Rights and the Courts: A Band of Brothers and the Siege Against Segregation in Virginia,” Virginia Social Science Journal, (1997)V.32:99 – 112.

Focus on civil-rights litigation of the 1940s.

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Archive: TCRR Site Info 2001

Note: the following information was posted as “Site Info” at the html version of the Texas Civil Rights Review.

Site Notes

Therefore if, within the confines of its present culture, the nation ever seeks to purge itself of its color hate, it will find itself at war with itself, convulsed by a spasm of emotional and moral confusion. If the nation ever finds itself examining its real relation to the Negro, it will find itself doing infinitely more than that, for the anti-Negro attitude of whites represents but a tiny part-though a symbolically significant one-of the moral attitude of the nation.

–Richard Wright

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