Opinion: Perfect Backlash

The November feud between the Texas A&M University administration and the Young Conservatives of Texas over the impropriety of an “affirmative action bake sale” reveals that the concept of “diversity” need not entail a commitment to civil rights. Soon after the president of the university appealed to the YCTs for civility and diversity, he suspended civil rights in admissions.

Whether one opposes civil rights loudly and uncivilly, as with the bake sale, or loudly and civilly, as with the suspension of affirmative action, the common bond is opposition to civil rights as we know them in the 21st Century.

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A&M Diversity Hire Introduced to Full House

Texas A&M’s brand new Vice President for Diversity, James Anderson, was introduced to a full house audience Nov. 20 (2003), two weeks before university President Robert Gates announced that affirmative action would be suspended.

Is this what we now call two weeks notice?…

Interesting to note that the new VP was introduced on the occasion of the “3rd Annual” Diversity Symposium in 2003.

According to the student newspaper, one panelist remarked that Anderson, “hasn’t even been here (A&M) for 48 hours and has already been accused of many things.” In reply to which, Anderson was reported to have “laughed in agreement.”

Source: http://www.thebatt.com/main.cfm/include/detail/storyid/565269.html

YCT Students Protest Diversity Hire at A&M

The Texas A&M Chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas held an affirmative action bake sale, “to protest the creation of a new position addressing diversity at Texas A&M University,” reports a conservative news website, townhall.com (see link info below).

The report says a similar initiative by YCT’s at Southern Methodist University was “shut down” by the administration….

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