Letters to the Editors: On Individual Assessment & Desegregation

Letters from the Editor of the Texas Civil Rights Review

The Jan. 9 statement that announced the revocation of “legacy” considerations in the admissions process, said, “not one student of the more than 10,000 who were admitted was admitted solely on the basis of legacy.”

If legacy has long been an admissions criterion and nobody has ever been admitted “solely” on its basis, then what about race? Wouldn’t it also be true that during the long years of considering race as an admissions factor, nobody was every admitted “solely” on the basis of race?

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A&M Drops Legacy Admissions Policy

Gates: Expects Flood of Emails as Mays Fails to Return Calls

Gates said he was prepared for a flood of e-mails on the subject and that he hopes most Aggies see this as the “next logical step” in a new approach to picking the A&M student body.

“My guess is that a lot of former students don’t really appreciate how little impact legacy has had on the process in the real world,” he said. “If the reality is that legacy helped 300 get in, the perception of some Aggies is probably that it’s 3,000.”

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Reader Feedback from Tyrone Smith: Revoke A&M's Funding

Civil Rights does not mean equal opportunity, it means equal results. We do not even have equal opportunity in many situations (education, job income, etc.) and even if we did, IT WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH. It is time to take back from the white man what he has taken from us for so long. Affirmative action is a first step, but we must go further. We MUST require quotas for corporate America and educational institutions to ensure we get what we deserve and are entitled to. Texas A&M should be stripped of all state funds until it establishes an affirmative action policy, and if black students don’t exceed the percentage of the general populace within 4 years, funds should be revoked PERMANENTLY. First steps to freedom! [tsmith5001@yahoo.com 1/9/2004]

Lawmakers press A&M to change legacy policy

Fort Worth Star Telegram
Wire Reports

A group of angry state lawmakers implored Texas A&M University on Wednesday to change an admissions policy that gives preference to applicants whose parents or grandparents graduated from the school.

Representatives of state civil rights groups indicated that they would sue the school if the policy doesn’t change.

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