All of Us: A Poem for Cindy Sheehan

Geraldine Green 18.8.05


and i she replied in a watery voice as she slung her hips forward over avalanche

and ice and i she cried on the hillsides crumbling soil and i she replied to herself

as she stepped like an antelope over the wall of the dead. the dead that lay like sandbags against

an oncoming river or tidal wave they could not stop they could not be stopped. and i they replied

as they marched side by side over elongated river beds like crocodile teeth and i we all cried as

we leant forward against the wind’s long breath that took ours away as we lighted our candles

each day by slow day.

and i she called to the ones who won’t return and yes they all cried in voices uncertain yet louder

and louder and i they replied to their mothers and fathers and their families called back fervent

and loud and the clouds lifted their voices into the skies

and the rains came and the rains came and the rains came down.

and the doctors sighed and the medics tutted and they all did their best and they all

did their very best because they have been trained like the soldiers who march into war and they

have been trained to be humans after all and all and all and all of us cry.

Submitted by the poet via email to Peacefile ‘to share with Cindy’; forwarded to AfterDowningStreet. The poet replies:


Hello there and thank you for posting my poem on Peacefile and websites. I’ve been keeping up to date with latest happenings. It’s just great that Cindy Sheehan has provided a focal point for people’s own feelings and thoughts on the matter.

Thanks again


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