Cindy Sheehan: Confrontational Therapist

Subject: Counterpunch Feedback

Thanks Greg.

This is my perception of Cindy Sheehan. While working on a psychiatric ward, years ago. Confrontational therapy was used when someone became out of control, risking injuring themselves or other people.

The client had to be confronted and restrained. This was never a happy event, but due to the dysfunction of mainstream therapeutic practices, this was necessary in the heat of the moment.

Cindy Sheehan is the first person to confront the insane idiot, who holds the title of top authority figure in the u.s. Cindy has confronted the behavior of the coward, this dysfunctional moron!

I believe her courage aroused many and has enabled people to feel THEIR courage and also understand the enormity of the problems in the u.s. from another’s perspective and fortitude.

Capitalism creates poverty. A cost of living driven by the very wealthy. The poor cannot keep up, not even close. For every book sold, someone making a minimum wage is effected. For every SUV sold…etc., etc.,

Many people cannot save, cannot get beyond the cycle of poverty, working, 2 – 3 jobs and getting nowhere, paying bills, exhausted, not resting well. Not a very good mindset to raise children.

Cindy has confronted this classist, hierarchy, medieval system, with all its inherent problems, inequities, imbalances.

It would take a woman to challange this patriarchal disaster that belongs in the last chapter of bad history books !

Joe ciarrocca

Note: I like Joe’s image of confrontational therapy. Brings to mind an intervention. And there are so many addictions to consider, including capital’s addiction to poverty (some call it “incentive”). But I would ask, what gives Cindy Sheehan’s confrontation the social traction that so many previous attempts failed to achieve? She was not even the first to take a stand in Crawford.–gm

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