From a Descendant of Charles Christopher Sheats

As a Descendant of Charles Christopher Sheats I find it contemptible that you would compare Christopher Sheats with Cindy Sheehan. He was a patriot of the United States and not a traitor to it. He voted not to secede from The United States. He was against secession not for it. He lost a brother fighting for the union and has had several descendants die including my Brother. All of my brothers served in the military and you sir are besmirching our name with your socialistic slop. C.C. Sheats was elected to go to that convention. Cindy Sheehan has not been elected by anyone but the socialistic deadbeats and the News. So brag on your little darling all you want to but leave our ancestors out of it.

Note: the correspondent refers to a Peacefile article, Dining with the Posse of Peace