Not His Right to Speak, Just His Wrong Ideas: Coalition to Protest Huntington

On Monday, October 10 from 6:00-7:30PM at the Bush School Fountain, a
coalition of campus and community groups is gathering for a peaceful
protest against the ideas of Samuel Huntington. That evening,
Huntington will be giving a Texas A&M University Distinguished
Faculty Lecture inside the Bush School, and our protest outside is a

Our coalition:

* Opposes Huntington’s ideas and his disparaging views of
immigrants. We celebrate Mexican, Mexican American, and Latino
cultures, support a multicultural vision of American society, and
embrace America’s diverse immigrant heritages.

* Supports the rights of people with whom we disagree to express
their views, and we do not oppose Huntington’s right to speak.
We also assert our right to express our dissent.

* Believes that Texas A&M University should raise the
starting pay for all full time workers to a living wage. Samuel
Huntington, a man whose work disparages Mexican and Mexican American
culture, is being paid $10,000 for one evening’s work. At the same
time, over 800 of TAMU’s full time workers, many of whom are Mexican
American, are paid poverty wages. We urge Texas A&M to fully fund
the Living Wage Initiative. (For more on the Living Wage Initiative,

The protest coalition includes Faculty and Staff Committed to
Inclusive Campus, Make Aggieland Safe for Everyone, the League of
United Latin American Citizens, The Mexican American and Latino Faculty
Association, and Comunidad Luchando Unida Por La Educacion (Community
United in the Struggle for Education). Come join us!

Harris M. Berger
FSCIC Co-Chair

Faculty and Sttaff Committed to an Inclusive Campus

[See Countering Huntington below–gm]