Texas Genius on Fire: Meet Elmas Mallo

Bloody bath it was. I was covered in the two inmates’ blood and so was
a lot of others. I hated fights, but I really hated knife fights. And
there were two kinds-the knifing: to kill and the one just to cut or
teach a lesson to someone. But today, it was all about more than
respect, it was all about death and dying. And this was it-The Snake
Pit, Ellis Unit near Riverside, Texas in 1978. This unit was known then
as the deadliest, most evil, most cruel, most barbaric prison house
known to mankind. It was not a place where photos were allowed unless
you were some freaky freak enjoying it and got away with it. Well, I
wasn’t and I hated blood being sprayed all over me. But more than that,
I hated being blinded with it in my eyes going into a knife fight. And
this one was nearest me and the one closest to the fight had to handle
up on it. I was the Correctional Officer closest to it. I had beat the
Turnkeys or Floorboys to the fight. It was now my fight to get it
stopped without anyone dying.

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Counterpunch One more excerpt:

Like in the latest Harry Potter movie, the flying sinister prison
guards in it is how society sees today’s Correctional Officers. But the
hardships placed on both Offender and Correctional Officer is just
something that no one wants to talk about. But a person’s self ordained
knowledge of both Offender and Correctional Officer is what is helping
to turn Texas into the Garden State of Incarceration without a fair
trial (jurors are given informations that premeditate them to a guilty
verdict, even if unconscious) and spiraling prison costs. And for sure,
folks already know about most everything and put some of the dumbest
ideas about things in their brains from a fictitious book or movie. But
things have got to change. I ,for one, don’t believe that a fair trial
has ever taken place in the history of Texas at all. Yea, that’s right
and I said it. You can take it to the bank now baby.

Ramsey Muniz Returns from Near Death


Hermano Tez,

Near death
"I was the cry of the eagle and the breeze of
his flapping wings.
My spiritual face was seen in the colors of the wind
and in the dampness of the earth.
My face is illumination in life and death. I was
the first cry of a new born and the last breath
of dying.
My face is the spirituality of Aztlan and the soul,
Mexicayotl of the universe"


I’m finally receiving my strength back to where I
can write and share what would seem the last days
of my revolutionary life. Within a period of less
than two months I lost over sixty pounds. Irma was
with me the entire time, day and night, with tears
constantly running down her cheeks stating over and
over for me not to give up living. Brother, please
know that more than once I know that I was there with
the Almighty and in the near future I will share the
visions, transformation, and dreams of what was communicated
to my heart. You, my brother, were in one of my dreams
in that time of pain and suffering. I visited with my
mother Hilda, my grandmother Rosa, and my brother Rudy.
We all embraced and they were of the opinion that I
had to finish the destinies of our liberation, justice,
and eventually the return of our land (Aztlan).

"My face is seen in life and death. I was the first
cry of a newborn and the last breath of the dying. My
face is the spirit of Aztlan and soul of the universe.
Now I gaze into the mirror of life and see the face before
my birth. I yearn to be one with all once again. I see
my face in everything, and I now know who I am."


In one of my visions during the darkness of my
illness, when I was chained and shackled to the hospital
bed, messages shared that the direction in which we
are seeking is within — where all powers will come unto
us. We are in the immediate process of our Mexicano
cultural/spiritual revolution. Don’t worry about politics
or our political mission in the present. Our politics will
follow our Mexicano cultural/spiritual revolution, and if
you think about it and stop eating American apple pie, you
will clearly see that we are right and will succeed not for
ourselves, but for nuestra gente. Feel free to speak about
the following on my behalf: I am against the war in Iraq.
It is a religious war and will never be won. I protest
against recruiters coming into our Mexicano schools and
barrios trying to have them join the armed forces. Besides,
what do we have? I am against the laws and force used
against our Mexicano sisters and brothers crossing to America.
In reality it is written in our ancient writings that this
would happen in the future and guess what. The future is here.

In exile,

[Ramsey Muniz]

See You NEXT November: Equality Texas Fightin' Mad

When we began and funded the No Nonsense in November Campaign in June,
Equality Texas (then LGRL) asked each of you to join us in an
unprecedented statewide coalition to fight for equality and to demand
accountability from the Texas Legislature. When the Legislature put
this measure on the ballot, we said that we could look forward to an
18-month process. In November 2005, LGBT Texans were on the ballot.
But, in November 2006, the legislators who put this measure on the
ballot will be up for re-election, and we are going to work as never
before to be sure that they do not return to Austin. Their record of
failed leadership transcends LGBT Texans, and reaches to every facet of
government in our state. It is time for change, not just for LGBT
Texans, but for all of us.

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Equality Texas One more excerpt:

Across this state, more than 534,000 voters stepped forward and voted
against discrimination and injustice. But, we must realize that we did
not lose this fight by 1.2 million votes. We lost it by two votes. Once
in the Texas House of Representatives on April 25, 2005. Once in the
Texas Senate on May 21, 2005. And in each of these cases, a handful of
votes would have prevented this amendment from ever reaching the
state’s voters.