Misusing the Uniform In a Town Named Carlisle

First published on May 25, 2004 at Sam Hamod’s Today’s Alternative News

Greg Moses

In choosing the US Army War College as backdrop for
his televised speech on Iraq policy, President George
W. Bush again chose poorly.

If the President’s talk was intended to convey a
concept of mission to military intellectuals,
proffered by the office of Commander in Chief, then a
daytime C-SPAN venue would have been more appropriate.

But when the White House requests prime time from
major commercial media and then surrounds the
President with an audience of none but uniformed
scholars, in order to send a global political message
about policy, in the midst of an election campaign,
then another grave line has been crossed in the
President’s war on democracy at home.

By surrounding himself with uniformed scholars, the
President conveys an impression that his political
exploits are not to be distinguished from national
defense. By addressing the Army’s scholars on
international television, the President compels global
images of applause from a group that is already sworn
to obey him….

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