CounterPunch readers respond:

from Austin via email, posted by permission:

Thanks, that is an excellent article on the exclustion of congress from its legal place in deciding matters of war. I have not seen this most important point made elsewhere and yet it is a vitally important point. One can not let this president and his highly suspect administration steal freedom from the American people.

from John E. Gilmore via email, posted by permission:

DAMN!!…Thanks for recreating several distinctions I had lost.

I definitely noticed the backdrop and my wife and I talked about the fact
that the “Peaceful Transition” speech had been delivered from a College
of War.

And..we noticed that “we” are going to build Iraq a nice shiny …
Worship center? University? ….Jeez…a WalMart even?…. nope….Maximum
Security PRISON!! Now, given the nature and tenure of Saddam’s
regime, do we even remotely believe that Iraq has a shortage of maximum
security prisons?

So…the two things we have committed to build there in the new Cradle
of Democracy are:

A prison…


The Biggest, Hugest, most complicated United States Embassy anywhere in
the world!! Three thousand persons will work there, planted smack in the
middle of the Middle of the East. More people than work in Russia, spanning
nearly as many time zones as daylight. More than Canada, our quiet solid
northern neighbor. And who do you think these people will be? For whom will
they work…gimme a break!! It’s a giant House of Spies and Spooks, and it
better be built like God’s Outhouse because no matter what the décor, it
will have the biggest “Kick me here!” sign in history hanging on it.

Thanks again.

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