Choctaw Reader Replies

Mr. Moses,

I just read your article
on "Bill Bennet’s Book of Cracker Virtues." I am what is called a
Native American, and while I try to eschew bitterness (it’s not easy
once you learn real history), I still appreciate the sarcastic humor
you employed while stating the present reality.

I especially liked the paragraph, "In Bennett’s concept of the
American crime rate, of course, genocide never counts. Neither does
theft of labor. With these two great and obvious categories of crime
dismissed, the souls of white folk may then be quite easily imagined to
have worked their way to Democracy in America by means of honest trade,
fair elections, and saintly patience, never bothering no one, and only
occasionally dismayed by inappropriate displays of ingratitude."

Larry Battiest
Bernalillo, NM

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