Meaning of Chilbolton

We enjoy a good puzzle. So we like crop circles and hints of intergalactic communication. The so-called “Chilbolton Reply” is a fascinating piece of work.

The great Native American philosopher Vine Deloria was fond of calling attention to something about our insulated view of the planet Earth, how we think it lives in an insulated bubble, as if we didn’t know anything at all about various accidental collisions between Earth and other moving bodies of the universe. So that’s the first framework we like to consider. What gives us the right to exclude a hypothesis of interaction?

The second framework is interesting, also. We assume that superior technology and intelligence is always a precursor to exploitation and violence. The “Chilbolton Reply” raises a spectre of a whole new ethic of power. And regardless of where that message is coming from, maybe it’s one we should learn how to send.

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