Cracker Logic

I’ve gotten a few comments suggesting that my swipe at William Bennett
was ill aimed because "Bennett was right". In some twisted way,
the writers are trying to be sincere. Representative of this lot would
be the following note:

"Why do you disagree with Bill Bennett that it would be ‘impossible,
ridiculous, and morally reprehensible’ to abort every black baby for
the sole purpose of bringing down the crime rate?"

So let’s take this one more time slowly. Aborting every black
baby for the purposes of crime reduction would be genocide. Genocide is
a crime. How can you reduce a crime rate while perpetrating the most
horrific crime of all? Bennett proposes a crime to reduce the crime
rate, and he doesn’t even realize how his thought experiment
self-destructs upon its own contradictory logic.

What Bennett means by his so-called idea being impossible is
not that his logic is self-contradictory, because if that’s what he
meant he would renounce the thought experiment as a flat failure. THE
CRIME RATE WOULD BE INCREASED. No, instead he sustains his claim that
the thought experiment is valid, if wicked. By ‘impossible’ he means
not that his logic fails (which it does). He means something much
dumber, more wicked, and more perfectly suited to the cultural heritage
of Cracker Logic. He should really spend more time thinking and
less time pandering to his fascist base.–gm
PS: A writer
for the MiddleTown Journal (Ohio) quotes my original argument that
genocide is a crime, yet, in the same column, the writer complains: "I
search in vain for a serious fault in Bennett’s response to the
caller’s faulty hypotheses."  It’s a strange fruit of the intellect that
cannot find fault with a thought experiment that would reduce a crime
rate via a crime against humanity, even while quoting directly a
passage that points to the blatant illogic of it all. What to call this state of affairs if not
cracker logic?

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