Affidavit from a Math Teacher

In early 2002, Rocha was assigned to my math class, since he was having
problems with his grades and had a slight learning disability.
Rocha seemed to be cocky and non-caring about school….One day he
confronted me and pulled out a large roll of cash and showed it to
me. He asked me "How much do you make?" He flashed this
roll in my face and said he made enough money to buy a grade from
me….I decided to front him out in front of the class. I told
Rocha that he would just get busted and use all his money getting a
lawyer to get out of jail. Rocha would always say "No cop is
going to take anything away from me or take me down. I ain’t
goin’ to jail….We attempted to work with him and tried to intervene
as needed….Some of the female students said they were afraid of
Rocha…I became upset when I heard people in the neighborhood saying
that Rocha was a good boy and an innocent young man….

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