Are There No Prisons!

Or (to mix our literary allusions) as Thoreau very nearly said:

Practically speaking, the opponents to education reform in Texas are not a
couple hundred politicians in Austin, but a hundred thousand merchants
and farmers in the rest of the state, who are more interested in
commerce and agriculture than they are in humanity, and are not
prepared to do justice to children or their education, cost what it may. I quarrell not with elected foes, but with those who elect them, who
co-operate with them and do their bidding, the voters, without whom the
elected suits would be harmless, perhaps even willing to appear able.

Would you re-elect a representative, senator, lieutenant governor, or
governor who helped to pass a state income tax for education? Yes or
No?  See poll at home page, because after a while, we have to ask
if WE are ready to help solve this problem.  Can’t blame the lege
if nobody’s votin’ on THIS question.

Note: The first ‘yes’ vote comes from the
editor. In the past 48 hours the poll has gone from a Lone Star state,
to a Texas two-step, and now look! There’s a crowd! Three (count em)
Texans on
record.  At this rate, we reach a quorum for justice in some
future millennium yet to be calendared.  Hang in there, children
of Texas, if we won’t fund the schools, we’ll damn sure build the

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