Area Groups Call for Officer's Termination in Rocha Shooting

RECOMMENDATIONS of Aug. 16 Press Conference

In Response to No-Billing of Police Officer

In Daniel Rocha Killing

1) Institute a "Uniform Disciplinary Matrix" that makes officer
punishments consistent from case to case, including mandatory
termination for the most serious offenses. Per the latter, the adoption
of this recommendation would induce the termination of Julie Schroeder,
who shot an unarmed, 132-pound 18-year-old boy in the back at point
blank range after he was already face down on the ground.

2) Mandate pairing of proven (i.e. no history of excessive force,
discrimination or suspension) veterans with rookies on the East side.

3) Institute accountable, documented and independent [of the patrolling
officer(s)] handling of all patrol car video cameras and tapes, and have
all video and audio recording devices in operation during all activity,
not subject to arbitrary control by the patrolling officer.

In addition to these recommendations, we call for a public apology by
Chief Knee to the Rocha family and to the community at large for the
behavior of Julie Schroeder, and for the behavior of all of the officers
who have used excessive force.
For Immediate Release: ADVISORY
August 16, 2005
Contact: Debbie Russell, 573-6194
or Austin Dullnig, 443-5616

ACLU & Other Community Leaders Call for Termination of Julie Schroeder
in Light of Grand Jury Decision

What: The Central Texas ACLU and other community leaders will hold a
press conference urging APD Chief Stan Knee to terminate Julie Schroeder
in accordance with their recommendations asserted earlier this week (see
below). Given the recent shooting of 18-year-old Hispanic Daniel Rocha,
such respected figures as Rev. Sterling Lands, II and prominent local
organizations as PODER, LULAC, the NAACP and the American Friends
Service Committee agree with the ACLU that these recommendations would
help to ensure that no more violent injustice is perpetrated by the APD
in our potentially peaceful city.

Where: Travis County Courthouse steps, 1000 Guadalupe St. (between 10th
and 11th on Guadalupe)

When: Tuesday, August 16, 2005, 5:00pm press conference and demonstration

Who: the Central Texas ACLU, PODER, LULAC, El Concilio, Austin Area NAACP

Why: too many people of color have died as a result of excessive use of
force by the APD, and many more have been wrongfully and violently
treated. The Grand Jury process is characterized by conflict of
interest, and the ball is now in the court of the APD. By terminating
Julie Schoreder and adopting a few very specific policies and practices,
the APD could prevent such tragedies as have occurred with Sophia King,
Jesse Owens and Daniel Rocha, and begin to restore the trust of the
Austin community.

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