Bennett's Book of Cracker Virtues

Imagining Genocide as Crime Reduction

By Greg Moses

OpEdNews / CounterPunch

Taking a page from his Book of Cracker Virtues, Texas trained
philosopher William Bennett this week performed a little thought
experiment where genocide by means of abortion might be used to bring
down the crime rate. Of course it is appalling how Bennett’s mind plays
around with the souls of black folk, one moment imagining a whole
peoples aborted, but such is the nature of the souls of white folk,
flying right through the concept of genocide without noticing the
horrific criminality in that.

In Bennett’s concept of the American crime rate, of course,
genocide never counts. Neither does theft of labor. With these two
great and obvious categories of crime dismissed, the souls of white
folk may then be quite easily imagined to have worked their way to
Democracy in America by means of honest trade, fair elections, and
saintly patience, never bothering no one, and only occasionally
dismayed by inappropriate displays of ingratitude.
The logic of the club is how W. E. B. Du Bois once punned it.
And everywhere one looks, that logic holds like double epoxy. Of
course, the USA Senate is the ultimate club in both senses of the term,
with its predictable traditions of genocide, labor theft, war, and today’s
nominee as Supreme Court Chief Justice who need not even bother to
produce his work product as understudy to a civil rights bashing
attorney general.

Or how about those grand juries? About half of white America
is cheering the Travis County Grand Jury for yesterday’s indictment of
the House Majority Leader. But where was anybody last month when that
same Grand Jury no-billed a white police officer who shot an unarmed
Latino in the back? That killing wasn’t even considered a tiny bit
criminal. And that story barely made state news. But politicians
taking money from Sears? My god, that sounds like a felony for sure.

So anyway, thanks again Bill Bennett for teaching your Intro
to Cracker Virtues class again this Fall. Your instructions serve as an
indispensable refresher course to the criteria of educational
excellence that continue to dominate the definition of American
intelligence. And your civics of justice remind us what the heart of
the American system sounds like as it continues to make such a small
world of us all, from Biloxi to Baghdad alike.

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