Brenda Denson Prince on the Race for Kaufman County, Precinct 3

By Greg Moses

We were sad to see that Brenda Denson Prince is not among the candidates for the Precinct 3 Commissioner’s race in Kaufman County (Terrell, Texas).

The Republican who election officials claim defeated Prince in the 2004 general election has drawn an opponent. And there are three Democrats in the primary.

Terrell Tribune reporter Marcus Funk reports that during the first two days of voting, “Three-hundred and fifty-seven Democratic votes were cast at the Precinct 3 subcourthouse, or 73 percent, compared to 132 Republican votes.”

Fifty of those voters were personally driven to the voting booth by our hero, Brenda Denson Prince.

“On Tuesday, the first day, I drove 26 voters. On the second day, 24. Then on Thursday and Friday I drove 23 or 24,” said Denson Prince, speaking to us by telephone from her Terrell, Texas home.

“This morning (Saturday) I took eight more people to the polls before I had to go to a Democrat meeting,” she explained.

Her 2004 disappointments discouraged her from running again. On election night she left the vote-counting center thinking she had clearly won. By the time she got home, however, a mysterious “computer glitch” was being cited as the reason for a changed outcome.

Denson Prince attempted to have the results reviewed by court order, but she recalls that the judge refused to rule in her case, “because of a pending case in Brazos County.”

“I decided not to run again, knowing the system hasn’t changed,” she explained. But she cannot sit idly aside, either.

“This stuff is in my blood,” says Denson Prince. “I love it.” Occasionally she will tell herself to sit things out, but it never takes her very long to talk herself back into action.

Which candidate is she helping? “Joe Parnell is the most qualified candidate that we have,” says Brenda Denson Prince. And when it comes to the truth of Kaufman County we are predisposed to take her word for it.

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