Call for Emergeny Attention to Prison Heat

Who isn’t talking about the heat? Here’s a reminder that Texas Prisons are also summer infernos.–gm





Honorable Governor Rick Perry of Texas
The Capitol
Austin, Texas 78711


Dear Honorable Governor Rick Perry:

WE THE PEOPLE, who are the Voting, Taxpaying, Citizens of TEXAS, ARE BEGGING “YOU” The Governor of TEXAS , for Human Compassion on the Inmates housed in the TEXAS Department of Criminal Justice and all other Dentention Centers in the State of Texas. The Austin Statesman Newspaper today ran an article referencing the sweltering heat.
THE PEOPLE of TEXAS consider this an EMERGENCY

WE, THE PEOPLE of TEXAS, are requesting that you, as the GOVERNOR of TEXAS, issue an immediate EMERGENCY EXECUTIVE ORDER today from your OFFICE for the following to be done:

1.Fresh, Clean, Cool Water at “ALL” times for “ALL” Detainees. Cooled bottled water would be the most efficient to be handled. These bottles could be frozen, then passed out to the detainees, which would allow it to stay cooler longer

2.Containers of ICE to be furnished at “ALL” times for “ALL” Detainees

3.That ALL the UNITS’ exhaust fans “MUST” be working at all times in all areas of the facilities

4.Blowing AIR and Fans for “ALL” Inmates

At the same time that this EMERGENCY EXECUTIVE ORDER BE ISSUED TODAY from your OFFICE should definitely state for this to be done immediately in “ALL” Texas Facilities; then request that a team be set up to follow up this EXECUTIVE ORDER seeing that this Executive Order is followed thorugh. Forming Teams to be sent to different facilities all over the State of Texas testing the heat index in the areas where Inmates are trying to survive.

The lack of the above is “IN-HUMANE” treatment

A.Excessive Cruel and Unusual Punishment

B.The Elderly be given special privileges to stay cool

C.The Mentally Ill and Physically Challenged be given special privileges to stay cool

D.Those that are sick, have heart problems, breathing problems, on medications that require staying away from excessive heat and any other Inmates that needs special care or treatment be given special privileges to stay cool

E.The Inmates being held in solitary confinment, Isolation cells, and Administrative Segregation be given special attention and privileges for enduring the heat

F.The Inmates that are working outside and in the fields be given special priveleges to stay cool with plenty of cool fresh water

Yours truly,

(phone number)
Note: if your name, address, are not included your contact will be of no avail.

1. Send to your Representative where you Live

2. Send to the Representative over the area where your Love One is being housed in a dentition center

3. Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Chair, Texas Legislative Council, The Captiol, Austin, Texas 78711-2098, 1-512-463-0001, Fax: 1-512-936-6700, 1-800-441-0373

4. Representative Jerry Madden,Chair, Correction Committee,Capitol Office: EXT E1.506, P.O. Box 2910, austin, TX 78711, 1-512-463-0544

5. Senator John Whitmire, Chair, Senate Committee on Criminal Justice,Capitol office: CAP 1E.13, Austin, Texas 78711, 512-463-0115

6.Sunset Commission Advisory, 1400 North Congress, Capitol Extension, Suite E2.002, Austin, TX 78701
view the web page at

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