Celebrity Justice: Jones v Hutchison

Veteran actor TOMMY LEE JONES has criticised Texan Senator KAY BAILEY
HUTCHINSON’s ideas on how to control immigration on the US/Mexico

The FUGITIVE star, who lives in San Antonio near the
Texas/Mexico border (sic) with his Hispanic wife DAWN, is angered by
Hutchinson’s plans for vigilante groups to guard borders.

He says, "We have a United States senator who has been quoted
as saying that our borders are haemorrhaging, a bleeding wound… and
wants to introduce a bill that pours millions (of dollars) into federal
enforcement of the borders and by golly she wants to give money to the
vigilante groups.

"Just like a lot of politicians, (she) feeds on headlines.

"In this case she’s making her appeal to rabid paranoia which is dangerous.

"It’s a very complicated issue. There are people working in
agriculture whose families have been split by the existence of this
border and they’re willing and able to do jobs in the north that no one
else will do.

"They don’t deserve to have their culture and their families split in two." 11/11/2005. found at a few websites, not well sourced

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