CounterPunch Readers Respond

Thank you Greg for your excellent article in Counterpunch…education…equality…some,

many feel america has never had anything close to either…I am one of the


Classism, class-discrimination, hatred, violence, war, pollutions, depleted

uranium, the system by the rich for the rich, represented by the rich…and all that star spangled


Keep writing Greg…

Joe Ciarrocco
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If you’re concerned about

Education, Children, Society, please read John Taylor Gatto’s magnum opus, The Underground History of

American Education. It’s about $30, or free on the Web at . The educational

system is so structured as to nullify, by pre-framing, any arguments for or against busing, or any

other issues within public education as it exists–in fact, it only serves to maintain and further the

objectives of the current power structure. At least you care–most people seem to just be watching the

lobotomy box, and consuming whatever they see and hear there.

Thanks, and peace,

posted by permission

[Editor’s Note: I’ve taught Gatto’s work in

Philosophy of Education. Reminds me that the most elegant solution to great education remains: hire

good teachers and keep them at all cost!–gm]

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