God Bless Latina Lista

Our favorite link-back today is from Latina Lista. Go there, hang out, add your comment. Say the Texas Civil Rights Review sent you.

Latina Lista on Hutto Jail Hats off to bloggers who manage comments. Spammers ran me out of that business.

Here’s a clip from Latina Lista correspondent Aztec:

As one reader tells Latina Lista today:

After reading your blog on the facility that holds families accused of being illegal under those terrible conditions, I decided to call Homeland Security to express my outrage through their “Citizen’s comment line.” What happened next is laughable though expected. I was transferred by the operator at Homeland Security to the comment line and received this automated message:

“I’m sorry, you cannot leave a message because the box is full.”

When I got the operator back, I was transferred several times to be told by one person: “Call back in a few minutes, an office assistant is ‘cleaning it out.'”

I replied, “What does that mean? Are you guys just deleting the comments to make more room!?”

Whereupon she hesitantly replied, “No, but we’re deleting the ones…well, you know….”

I said, “I do? So am I to understand that an office aide is assigned the task of deeming messages ” insignificant” versus “worthy? By the way, exactly who in the office listens to the screened messages?” ”

She replied, “Um, I’m not sure…”

It sounded by the tone of her voice, that the messages left are given little weight, if at all. Perhaps you should find out the answers to the questions I listed above before people try to call only to end up with their messages getting deleted for their trouble. I’m sure that would make interesting fodder for a blog.

good luck.

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