Here Comes the Database

Contracts and Coffee Next Week

By Greg Moses


Prompted by a newly-posted itinerary for a “HAVA listening tour” scheduled by the Texas Secretary of State in various counties, the Texas Civil Rights Review made a few phone calls today (Mar. 24). We reached three SOS staffers who were very responsive and who provided the following information :

(1) The present schedule, beginning March 23, was posted March 23. An offline schedule that runs through the end of April does not yet include Dallas County. I have asked for a complete schedule via email.

(2) The tour is intended to touch base with County Election Officials so they can get the money available to them through HAVA and tell the SOS “what’s working and what’s not working”.

(3) The TEAM statewide database mandated by HAVA to be completed by Jan. 1 and now under development by IBM and Hart InterCivic is nearing completion of the documentation of “business rules” for software specs.

As plans now exist, voters will be able to more easily find out online where to vote, but there will be no difference in the registration experience, ie same old cards with HAVA ID requirements for new voters, same need to fill out a new card when you move, etc.

One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity said Texas would be on the cutting edge of what HAVA requires. Which tells you that HAVA requires nothing FOR the voters.

TCRR scheduled a time next week to view the TEAM contract (500-600 pages). And we were offered coffee to go with it!

I didn’t express with any of these staffers my disappointment that the meeting with Harris County officials was posted the same day as the meeting. One staffer assured me that the press had been notified way in advance. Oh, that’s great. Please let me know if you see the story.

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