Hot Buzz: Quorum Report Cites Texas Civil Rights Review

On Sunday evening, Quorum Report maestro Harvey Kronberg wrote a “Daily Buzz” story about developments in the Texas school funding trial, citing the Texas Civil Rights Review story, “Inaugural Day Betrayal.”

We pasted the “free version” of Kronberg’s accunt under Read More. Or go to the Quorum Report and look under Daily Buzz at

Harvey Kronberg’s Quorum Report

Hot Buzz

January 23, 2005

5:16 PM


Property rich districts want fast track to Supreme Court, property poor want Dietz to reconsider equity issues

The first cracks in the education coalition that took the state’s school finance case to court have appeared in the last week as the group has split on the question of equity.

The lawyers from the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, which represents the Edgewood interveners, are disappointed that the other plaintiff groups agreed with Attorney General Greg Abbott’s statement of jurisdiction, asking the Texas Supreme Court to expedite the school finance case and hear the case as soon as possible. Even in a best-case scenario, the case will not make it to Court before the session ends.

MALDEF Attorney David Hinojosa told the Quorum Report he was not ready to give up on the equity claims they want Dietz to reconsider. That reconsideration, which could mean a trip to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, could significantly delay the case.

On Friday night, Hinojosa told the online Texas Civil Rights Review he was surprised by the West Orange-Cove plaintiffs’ agreement with Abbott’s office that the case should move forward. The Texas Civil Rights Review, edited by Greg Moses, spoke of the West Orange-Cove brief as “an Inaugural Day Betrayal,” when the property-rich districts who gave “lip service” to maintaining Robin Hood finally tossed aside their property-poor cousins.

The rest of the story, subscribers only


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