Houston Chinese Students Already Raised $20k in Earthquake Relief

According to a press release forwarded by Steve Yang, Chinese students of Houston have reported raising more than 20,000 dollars in their first week of fundraising for the earthquake victims of China.

On a single day, May 16, donations from a fundraising drive at Texas Medical Center raised more than 10,000 U.S. dollars. That same evening, Chinese students at Rice University initiated a candlelight vigil for victims of the earthquake.

On Saturday, a fundraiser and t-shirt sale at the China Town supermarket raised a total of nearly 4,000 dollars.

In the schools also, fundraising has been active. As of May 16, Dragon Institute of Education has received donations of 8486.56 U.S. dollars, some from children who gave generously with all their pocket money.–gm

Read the Appeal for Funds posted below.

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