How Do You Like Our Kuff Links?

Associate Editor Tony Gallucci sent me a note saying hey have you seen what Kuff’s saying about you?

Then I looked and got goose bumps. Kuff gets it.

The more I read of Moses’ work, the more I share his distaste with the sustained attacks that Taylor made not just on individual voters, but on the concept that voting is a right, and as such it shouldn’t be trivially denied. Mark Schmitt notes that a frequent question on the test for US citizenship is “WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RIGHT GRANTED TO U.S. CITIZENS?” The answer, of course, is “the right to vote”. Well, if that’s really so, why do we make it so hard to vote?

We’d only add that because of the immigrant rate in Vo’s district, it’s likely that more voters there passed that test than in Andy Taylor’s precinct.

Thank you Mr. Kuffner. Thanks again.

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