Ignored by Any Other Name

By Greg Moses

In a failed editorial on Sunday, I noted that Democratic officialdom was ignoring two things: the ongoing effort by Brenda Denson Prince to win election to Kaufman County Commissioner, and the harassment of Houston voters by Republican attorneys during the Heflin-Vo election contest.

The editorial failed, because it attempted to name the ignored topics under a general heading: “grassroots.” Since the Texas Democratic Party website makes use of the “grassroots” term, I thought the label would help to rally interest not only toward Prince and the Houston voters, but to a general will of some kind. But I was wrong about this. “Grassroots” turns out to be a pretty useless word. For some, it is no different than mainstream, for others it raises fears of loose cannons. I have learned that “grassroots” is a poor term to use when attempting to mobilize “progressive” Democrats.

So let’s forget the general terms and stick to the facts. Democratic officialdom has NOT publicly responded to the harassment of Democratic voters in Houston or to the ongoing struggle of Brenda Denson Prince in Kaufman County. These are just the facts. The official website of the party says many things, but nothing about Prince or the harassment of Houston voters.

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