Invitation from Howard Romaine

Nashville Scene Movement

This week’s

Nashville Scene has a portfolio of ‘movement photos’ of the Nashville movement; the online version,

which places the photos in the text, unlike the print version which bunches the photos together, as is

more typical, as a graphics mode, is more impressive, in my opinion.

The fact that this paper

has done this much is also impressive, and timely, as the Grand Opening of the ‘movement’ wing of the

Nashville Public Library celebrates its ‘Grand Opening’ on Feb. 14, 15.

As I’m

practicing law near Nashville now, (as well as keeping a place in Atlanta) and I’d like to hear from

any and all who plan to attend this function, so we perhaps can get together and chat about the next

steps of the ‘white folks project’ or the ‘Nashville-Virginia-Mississippi-Louisiana-Texas-New

York’ ongoing class in racial definitions, changes,
behaviours and admonitions, to go backward

down the alphabet.

Howard Romaine

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