Irma Muniz: Update on Ramsey's Clemency

Dear Friends:

I have just returned from a three day visit with Ramsey in El Reno, Oklahoma. Our time spent together was blessing, as we shared our faith and plans for the upcoming months.

Ramsey was sent to El Reno, Oklahoma just after he had been transferred closer to home in Three Rivers, Texas. His transfer to Three Rivers came about through the assistance of congressmen, senators, and many supporters.

He had been in Three Rivers, Texas just over five months and had begun to see his attorney so that he could reopen his case and prove his innocence. Without warning, he was transported to El Reno, Oklahoma where he is now detained. The reason for this move was never substantiated and Ramsey Muniz is in exile once again for political reasons.

At the end of 2008 we submitted an application for a Commutation of Sentence, knowing that the chances for it being approved were slim. Attached [below] is a letter from Mr. Ronald Rodgers, Pardon Attorney, who responded to the application.

Ramsey Muniz was not granted a Commutation of Sentence and through research we learned that pardons and commutations were granted to those who had close political ties or had made substantial contributions to the Republican Party. We now plan to submit an application under the administration of President Barack Obama.

Because we have a different administration, we are formulating strategies for a movement to move Ramsey back to Texas. We will seek your support once again and know that we will provide details in the near future.

Ramsey asks that everyone remember Cesar Chavez and take part in events that commemorate his birth. Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927, and there will be marches in San Antonio, Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas, California, Colorado, and many other states throughout the country. This is important because our time has come! We must seize the moment as others are doing to proclaim our spirituality, culture, history, and identity during these changing times!

Irma Muniz

US Department of Justice
Pardon Attorney

Washington, DC
January 29, 2009


To: Warden
Federal Correctional Institution – El Reno

From: Ronald L. Rodgers
Pardon Attorney

Subject: Ramiro R. Muniz
Application for Executive Clemency

Please advise Ramiro R. Muniz that his application for executive clemency was carefully considered in this department and the White House, and the decision was reached that favorable action is not warranted. The application was therefore denied on Dec. 23, 2008. Under the Constitution there is no appeal from this decision. As a matter of well-established policy we do not disclose the reasons for the decision in a clemency matter. In addition, deliberative communications pertaining to agency and presidential decision-making are confidential and not available under existing case law interpreting the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act. If the applicant wishes to reapply for executive clemency, the applicant will become eligible to do so one year from the date on which the President denied the current application.

Please ensure that the applicant receives a copy of this memorandum reflecting the denial of this clemency application.

Editor’s Note: bold faced emphasis in original.–gm

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