Jay's Open Letter to the Media

from Jay Johnson-Castro (Dec. 23 pm)

Afternoon y’all…

The media has played a great role in getting this truth out to our fellow Texans and Fellow Americans. This is an appeal to you of the media…

Regarding this vigil, I received this caution from someone who knows more about the inside of the Hutto prison camp than most of us.

I would be careful though, because I heard that as a result of the last vigil, the detainees were kind of in lock-down most of the day. They didn’t get to go outside that day. So I would be careful, because you wouldn’t want ICE to get upset and take it out on the detainees. Just a heads-up.

I appeal to the media to help people know what happened last week as mentioned here. The media has a great opportunity to inform the public about what is really going on. By doing so…perhaps the children and their moms will not be mistreated this way tomorrow evening.
Here is the latest great link…and networking together of two local media folks to bring transparency to this cruelty right here on Texas , American soil. Greg Moses, editor of The Texas Civil Rights Review has consistently been right on top of this. http://texascivilrightsreview.org/phpnuke/index.php

Gratefully the Austin American Statesman, Fox news, Univision, BBC and even the Taylor and Williamson County newspapers have shown journalistic leadership in weighing in on the prison camp that has incarcerated innocent children and helpless mothers behind razor wire walls. I keep asking myself…where is the outrage from the other big(s)?

Where’s CNN…and all the national networks? Where is Houston , Dallas , San Antonio ? Is this too insignificant of a story for them. Where’s USA Today, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post? Where’s Lou Dobbs and Bill O’Riley, Jack McCaferty, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer? What does it take for these folks to weigh in? Do the children and their moms in this prison camp have to somehow be tortured too before they respond? Or are they too deep into Chertoff & Company for their national ratings? Let’s hope not!

Meanwhile…my deepest respect and admiration to all the media that has had the courage to report this issue of incarcerating children in the Hutto prison camp. Until this garners the national and international media…much credit goes to the local and grassroots media…and the many blogs that have picked up on this heartbreaking story. You are perpetuating the truth and exposing the immoral and criminal actions of those who would exploit and abuse the weak…for obscene profits…all in the name of national security. When history is written about this expanding Texas-American Gulag for greedy profit system…you of the media who have already courageously weighed in…will be recognized. The internet has the reporting time-line all archived.

Keith Olbermann? Where are you? You’re not afraid to say it like it is?

The Christmas Eve Vigil goes on tomorrow evening. 5pm-6pm.


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