Jeff Wentworth: 10 Percent Plan Hotter than Affirmative Action?

It looks like that’s what Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth is saying

to El Paso Times Reporter Darren Meritz in a Jan. 23 report on the “Princeton


Could it be, that Texas politicians would prefer affirmative action over the

ten percent plan?…
[Quote:] One problem that state Sen. Jeff Wentworth sees in the Top 10

Percent Plan is a lack of consideration of which of three high-school curricula — minimum, recommended

for college, or advanced — a student completes upon graduation.

Wentworth also said

that the 10 percent plan might not be necessary because it was created to help increase minority

enrollment at Texas universities before the Supreme Court ruled this year that race can be considered a

factor in university admissions.

“There are a lot of problems with the Top 10 Percent

rule, and it needs to be repealed,” said Wentworth, R-San Antonio. The rule “has energized and

infuriated both students and parents alike.” [end quote El Paso Times Jan.


Wentworth says the ten percent plan is no longer needed, now that affirmative

action has been restored, and the legislature will repeal the 10 percent plan if it gets a chance in


But does that mean the state will also ask its universities to practice

affirmative action in admissions?

This is interesting news, since the ten percent plan

is sometimes viewed as a politically more popular measure than affirmative action. Stay


[For more on the Princeton Study, see News Archives and links, BTW the El Paso

Time headline, “Top 10% plan has improved diversity at top Texas colleges” should be taken with


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