Letter from Ramsey: 'The world is changing like never before'

Dear Friends:

I received the letter below from my loving husband, Ramsey. He speaks about
overcoming suffering through love, the essence of freedom, and profound change that is to

–Irma Muniz

* * * * *

“Knowing ourselves makes us beautiful because it shows us what we desire.
When a woman desires, she is always beautiful.”


We exist in this world of today, we live with each other, we live in history
and we will have to defend our memory, our desires, and our presence on this
earth for the sake of the continuity of our lives. Do not ever let yourself be
vanquished by anything but your soul.

From this cold hard imprisonment, our most precious powerful love and spirituality have kept me alive with the power of
our continuous struggle for my freedom. I’m the essence of freedom, I’m the
power of freedom, I’m chosen by our Creator to bring the true meaning and love of

The spirits of those who are in heaven continue to be present in this
mode of oppressive darkness. It is them, because at one time or another they
exhibited the true meaning of freedom in their lives. We can never be defeated. The
power of their spirituality is the most profound and visible in my life everyday.

Yes, the suffering at times is unbearable and the darkness of where I live can
hardly be accepted, but the Creator continues to give me life, love, power, strength,
courage, and faith. I’m now all about faith. My faith for my freedom can never be
destroyed or defeated. My heart and mind are already free!

The world is changing like never before in its history. We must be ready for
this change and we must find forgiveness in our hearts for those who left me without food,
water and naked. I love you with my life!

In exile,
Ramsey – Tezcatlipoca

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