Maxey to Lead Campaign to Defeat Texas Homophobic Code

Former State Representative Glen Maxey of Austin will lead the effort
to defeat the Texas constitutional amendment prohibiting recognition of civil
marriage or civil unions between persons of the same gender which the
Legislature has placed on the November, 2005 statewide ballot.

"I’m eager to use my experience to bring a broad coalition of
fair-minded Texans together to say ‘No’ to this nonsense in November," said Maxey in a Tuesday press release from the Lesbian /
Gay Rights Lobby of Texas.

"With public education, health care access, and rational and fair tax
policy languishing, the Legislature spent their time and our tax
dollars enacting this divisive, unnecessary amendment. They now are
asking Texans to rubber stamp their efforts to deny many Texans the
basic civil rights to protect their relationships and their family’s
property and inheritance rights, hospital visitation, and the hundreds
of other rights and responsibilities brought by a civil marriage or
civil union."

Maxey, 53, is a native of Baytown, Texas and holds a Masters Degree in
Education and a B.S. in Social Rehabilitation and Social Services from
Sam Houston State University. He has a 35 year career in political
activism, campaign management, and public policy. He has participated
in hundreds of electoral campaigns ranging from municipal, county and
school elections to Presidential campaigns and issue referendums. He
was instrumental in the historic grass roots effort that helped elect
Governor Ann Richards in 1990 and was the Texas statewide coordinator
for Gov. Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004. He has been an integral part
of statewide campaigns for over three decades. His leadership in 2004
resulted in a historic voter turnout in Travis County local elections.

Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby of Texas Press Release

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