Monthly Traffic Up, Up, UP

Compared to January, our web traffic for September at the Texas
Civil Rights Review will see a fourfold increase in page hits as
counted by our statistics module. Meanwhile, the web rating service
Alexa shows us dropping by 2 million places over the past three months
in terms of traffic share. I’m not sure how to reconcile the two
numbers, but I do want to thank you for making TCRR one of your web

Don’t worry, we’re not chasing a mass market here. At TCRR you will
continue to find news and opinions not covered elsewhere. And if we
have the choice of expressing opinions that will drive traffic away
rather than keeping our mouth shut, we’ll post the difficult truth.

Take a look at the William Bennett commentary, for example. Based on
readership, it’s one of the more unpopular things we’ve written here in
a while. But some things need to be said. Bennett’s little thought
experiment was a contradiction distilled from the soul of whiteness,
where genocide can be thought to reduce a crime rate, because the
population that disappears is assumed to have no right to existence in
the first place.

The Bush White House calls Bennett’s comments inappropriate, but why?
Because the Bush White House cherishes the life chances of the African
American population? Or because it is inappropriate to show one’s cards
in these high stakes games? See there, we’re doing it again already…. –gm

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