Most Texans Polled Think There's Too Much Testing

And they would be right about that. There is too much testing in education today. Clipped from the Dallas Morning News:

"On student testing, always one of the hottest topics in public
education, 56 percent of those polled said there is too much emphasis on testing. About 27 percent said the state has the right amount of testing, and 13 percent said there is not enough emphasis on exams."

Other highlights:

47 percent say public schools should be the top priority for state government ( 23 percent said health care, the second choice)

69 percent say the state should spend more on education

59 percent want to put more money into state education initiatives (33 percent would instead focus funding on schools and teachers based on standardized test scores)

58 percent want a pay raise for all teachers (34 percent want a merit-pay system for teachers)

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