On Suitability: 'Not impossible therefore not unconstutional'

From the Supreme Court ruling (p. 103):

Neither the structure nor the operation of the funding system
prevents it from efficiently accomplishing a general diffusion of
knowledge. The State may discharge its duty to make suitable provision
for free public schools through school districts by relying on local
tax revenues, even as heavily as it now does. Such reliance, especially
given the multitude and diversity of school districts, inevitably makes
it difficult to achieve efficiency because of the vast disparities in
local property wealth, but efficiency is not impossible. We have
suggested that these difficulties might be avoided by fundamental
changes in the structure of the system, but the possibility of
improvement does not render the present system unsuitable for
adequately and efficiently providing a public education. Accordingly,
we conclude that the system does not violate the constitutional
requirement of suitability.

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