PODER Denounces Halloween Hearing on Rocha Killing


People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources

October 26, 2005

Mr. Ashton Cumberbatch, Jr.,
Police Monitor – City of Austin
301 W. Second Street
Austin, TX 78701

RE: Reschedule Daniel Rocha Public Hearing

Dear Mr. Cumberbatch:

PODER staff, board members and volunteers are asking that you
reschedule the Citizen Review Panel hearing on the fatal shooting of
18-year-old Daniel Rocha from Halloween night to another night.

We are upset, mad and disappointed that you would try to get the
general public out on a night that most families are involved in
communities activities for children. We are also upset that you want us
to fight the Halloween traffic that occurs in the downtown area each
year around Halloween. This shooting happened in East Austin and you
could have had the public hearing in numerous places in East Austin and
not on Halloween night!

The Texas Coalition Advocating Justice for Juveniles (TCAJJ)
rescheduled their Round Table discussion at Austin Community Campus on
Webberville Road because we were told that the Public Hearing for
Daniel Rocha was going to be taking place on Wednesday, October 26,

Do you want public input? You know that having a Public Hearing on
Halloween night is an insult to the community? Well it is!! We demand
that you change the date.


Susana Almanza

Erika Gonzalez

Janie Rangel
TANK Assoc.

Tommy & Bertha Williams
Stuart Circle Assoc.

Marie Govea

Calmar Cove Assoc.

Danel Llanes
Red Bluff Assoc

Corazon Renteria
Larch Terrace Assoc.

Xc: Mayor Wynn & City Council Members,
Toby Futrell-City Manager,
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez,
Senator Barrientos,
NAACP-Nelson Linder,
Action Group

P.O. Box 6237

Austin, Texas 78762-6237
Email: poder@austin.rr. com

website: http://www.poder-texas.org

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