Ramsey Muniz: An Unreasonable Mexicano

Dear Friends: Enclosed is the first of several letters written by Ramsey Muniz while in solitary confinement at the Oklahoma Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Conditions there were torturous, as described by Ramsey. Please distribute.–Irma L. Muniz


Writings from Solitary Confinement

The writings come from the depth of my Mexicano spiritual corazon. Even though I find myself in this cold dark hole of America, the spirit to rise and share with my people that the time has come for us to seize. I see no faces. I only encounter the concrete walls and steel beds of oppression and injustice. Yet I’m not saddened because my mind and Mexicano corazon are filled with the spirituality of our liberation here in America once and for all.

I’m filled with the spirits of our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land (Mexico) who took to the streets in millions like never before. The entire world viewed with amazement that maybe the United States was not a country of the free. Why should I have to be constantly confined in the dark cold holes of this system? The faces I saw on the national TV news were the majority of young faces, which means the struggle for justice and freedom can take as long as it has to. Those same faces in the streets will be there for a long time to come.

When one struggles for justice, liberation and spirituality, you never truly become old. One becomes
younger at heart and mind, simply because you are seeking the truth and the truth this very day is setting our people, la raza, los Mexicanos/Mexicanas free.

And why has the Bureau of Prisons denied me medical care and treatment for the last eleven years? Why? For the first time, we Mexicanos have become a national presidential issue in the United States. Hispanics, Latinos, and national Hispanic organizations
should take a strong position in favor of amnesty for
our sisters and brothers of our Holy Land. Please do
not allow these politicians or the congress to think
that we are different. Our roots, our most powerful
ancient God-given roots all go back to the same source.

We were not in existence only yesterday. We were
here long before the creation of the United States.
We are not strangers to this land. We must learn to
be patient with each other. We have been physically,
mentally, and spiritually divided for almost 500
years. There is a lot of self-hatred and ignorance
in our hearts and we must overcome the latter in
order to win. At this point, we as a people are the
only ones that can be destructive to each other.
Families must bond once again. Blood and heart are
the strongest elements in mankind. We must set aside
all the petty differences and not become a soap
opera destructive force. La familia must rise once
again. La familia must reunite. La familia must
embrace again!

I decided to express my constitutional right,
and petitioned the court to direct the federal medical
facility to provide medical care and treatment.
Instead, the staff in Springfield, Missouri took my
body in chains and shackles and tonight I find myself
in solitary confinement in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

They stated that on one, especially a Mexican like
myself, would file any petition against them. Is
this the true meaning of American justice?

Even tonight with the token lighting, as I share these
words from my heart, I can feel the spirits of our
Mexicano revolutionary hero, Ricardo Flores Magon,
who also suffered in the dungeons of Leavenworth and who died there – or is he really dead? I live within
all the spirits and love of our past revolutionary
Mexicanos and Mexicanas. They never permit for me
to feel alone, lonely, or isolated from those close
to my life. I only become stronger in my beliefs,
convictions, and principles because the Oppressor
continues to violate my human rights by any means
necessary. I only feel for my wife, my family, and
those close to my heart after so many years of
suffering and sacrifice.

The nights are extremely cold and painful to
my body, yet they refuse to give me a blanket. I
will survive because it is written in our ancient
past that we must sacrifice to the end. Why is it
so cold and dark in this hole, and why must I suffer
in this cruel fashion?

We must learn to openly communicate with our
Holy Land of Mexico and its governing body. For too
long the Holy Land has separated itself from its own
people who lived in Aztlan (Southwest). A national
delegation of Mexicanos and Mexicanas should be
organized for the purpose of presenting its agenda
to the president and Congreso de Mexico. Remember
and don’t ever forget that we are all the same people.
Todos somos uno! The day that we as a people accept
each other as one is that day that we shall be free
in this world of today and tomorrow.

Forgiveness: We as a people, as a Mexican race
are in the immediate process of recognizing and
accepting who we are once again. For decades the
oppressor has made us believe we are different,
simply because a border divided us for many
years. We must learn to forgive each other for
the blindness and/or acceptance of thinking we
were different. We are one and shall be one
forever! Nothing can change that. It is part of
our nature and most importantly it is God-given.
“Todos Somos Uno” will be our new cry to the
world and to those around us. We are in for new
ideas, philosophies, thoughts, action, and
organizing and we must come with an open heart
and love for our people.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the
world: The unreasonable one persists in trying
to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all
progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

–George Bernard Shaw

One could say that I’m an unreasonable
Mexicano. Be it so, especially since I have
witnessed and experienced oppression, discrimination,
and injustices. If some doubt my words, then tell
me why I am confined in this cold dark hole and
will be in this hole until who knows when. My
sisters and brothers from our Holy Land of Mexico
have also suffered for coming into the land which
was once ours. Some are even confined in the holes…

I will never surrender the love and devotion
I have in my heart for the freedom of our people.
We must forever sacrifice and endure the
suffering it takes for liberation and justice
within mankind. History throughout the world
states that some will have to sacrifice and carry
the cross of freedom, love, and spirituality. I
have accepted that part of history from the t
ime of my birth. My mother, Hilda, was a Mexicana
freedom fighter to the day of her death. I continue
to carry that cross in my heart and body, for she
is with me this very night sharing these words with
all our people!

In exile,
Ramsey (Tez)
Libertad y Aztlan!!


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