Ramsey Muniz In Exile

Dear Friends:

The enclosed letter was recently received from
Ramsey Muniz. Please distribute.–Irma L. Muniz

In Exile

Before sharing the essence of the above subject
matter, it is of importance that I share with nuestra
raza that we, who are confined in the dungeons of the
oppressor, have recently concluded fasting and spiritual Mexicano prayers for our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land of Mexico who continue to journey into Aztlan, regardless of how many national troops or guards reside at the borders of America. To us, they are the true 21st Century spiritual warriors because of their courage and valor in seeking a better life for their families. We constantly fast and pray for them because we realize that others here in Aztlan have not arrived at the true realization that those who risk their lives in this drastic human journey are our own blood, race, and nation.
We as Mexicanos must not ever permit that our sisters
and brothers from the Holy Land of Mexico be treated in an inhumane manner. History reveals that we must be vocal and share with the entire world that at one time we took the same journey from Aztlan to our Promised Land (Tenochtitlan). At the heights of civilization in Tenochtitlan, the first Moctezuma selected four spiritual Mexicano disciples to return to Aztlan and share with that part of the world that the journey had truly become a success and that one day we would once more return to the land of our creation (Aztlan). So in reality, it doesn’t matter how high the walls and/or fences are built or how many troops are stationed at the border. Our people, our sisters and brothers will continue to come to Aztlan simply because the power of our ancient spirituality of the land calls upon our hearts. Our Mexika cultura and spirituality have all the force and power of a profound, kept secret. We know that our time has come.

Our present struggle of humanity is not against
each other or against our sisters and brothers from
Mexico, even though at times we find it hard to
understand the motives and realities in other hearts.
In this mode of darkness, I continue to read where
Hispanic and Latino political leaders will soon become
the shining stars of the two-party system for our raza.
I know deep in my heart that this reality will never
become a destiny. Yes, it saddens me, yet I do not ever find hatred, jealousy, or envy for them. The truth and political direction and destinies for our people were
revealed long before the words Hispanic and/or Latino
came into existence. Besides, how can an oppressed
Mexicano in the 21st Century be jealous or envious of
another oppressed Mexicano? We must never forget that history reveals that we as a people were created from the beginning within the spirits of liberation. It’s
nature and guess what. Nature is also on our side. It
is not about my liberation from these dungeons. It’s
all about the liberation of nuestra raza!

“Stealing the bread from others means placing one’s
own sustenance in certain danger. Snatching the happiness of others means chaining oneself. Destroying other people’s happiness in order to fabricate our own from its remains is nonsense. Because to attempt to raise one’s own happiness over the misery and grief of others is comparable to wanting to fortify a building by destroying its foundation. Nevertheless, most of the people deceived by the appearances of their false interests walk through the world like that, in search of their welfare under the banner of this absurd principle: to harm in order to benefit.”

–To Die on Your Feet: The Life, Times, and Writings of Praxedis G. Guerrero. By Ward Albro

Mi raza, mi gente Mexicana owes me nothing. I’m yesterday, today, the Mexicano spiritual brother of tomorrow. No fame. No fortune. Pure Mexicano/spiritual cultural liberation.”

R. Muniz (Tezcatlipoca)

In conclusion, I must share that we continue the
political struggle of having me transferred back to Texas. Those who are deeply involved in this struggle for justice have found that in reality and truth the only reason for having my body and soul in exile for the last 12 ½ years is because I’m a Mexicano political prisoner. Instead of having me transferred from a federal medical facility to Texas to be closer to my family and people, I was chained and shackled, and delivered to one of the highest security penitentiaries in the United States of America.

I continue to pray for the souls of those who with
malice and ill intentions refused to ever submit a small
piece of bread for my hunger or a drop of water to wet
my lips while I was shackled in the dungeons of America.

The love that I have for my people is the same love that brings forth forgiveness, understanding, patience, and truth for those who continue to seek harm in order to benefit themselves in the eyes of nuestra gente. I’m not a stranger to these mountains in Colorado that surround the penitentiary that confines me. I can feel the ancient spirituality of our ancestors as they bring forth strength, courage, dignity, respect, truth, and love into my Mexicano
corazon. Aztlan shall rise once more!

In exile,
“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

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