Sean Gonsalves Replies: 'Thank you'


Sean Gonsalves here. Someone sent me a link in which you critiqued my column. Thank you. Very well argued and articulated. And, I have to say, you’ve given me much to think about. I appreciate this kind of thoughtful, candid, criticism, which is so rare these days.

You know, as I was reading your piece, I found myself nodding my head more than once. Again, thank you for the food for thought and for reminding for the need to think about these things even deeper.

Be well. And write on!


Posted with permission of author.

PS: In a follow up email, Mr. Gonsalves writes: “I suspect, we agree on far more things than we disagree.” To which I reply here — as a long-time reader of your work, Mr. Gonsalves, I heartily agree. Take care.

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