Texas Equity PAC Candidates

The following have been endorsed by Texas Equity PAC:

Mark Strama – House District 50 (Austin)

Campaign website: http://www.markstrama.org

Hubert Vo – House District 149 (Houston)
Campaign website: http://www.hubertvo.com

Eliot Shapleigh – Senate District 29 ( El Paso)
Campaign website: http://www.shapleigh.org


Valinda Bolton – House District 47 (Austin)
Campaign website: http://www.valindabolton.org

Harriet Miller – House District 102 (Dallas)
Campaign website: http://www.electharriet.com

Paula Hightower Pierson – House District 93 ( Arlington )
Campaign website: http://www.paula06.com

Ellen Cohen – House District 134 (Houston)
Campaign website: http://www.ellencohen.org

Allen Vaught – House District 107 (Dallas)
Campaign website: http://www.allenvaught.com

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