'The Fighter Still Remains': GUTIERREZ VS TAYLOR Apr. 28

By Jose Angel Gutierrez

Originally published en espanol in La Estrella newspaper of Fort Worth, reprinted by permission of author.

No this is not a match between two boxers or wrestlers; it is a debate at the University of Texas-Arlington campus on April 28, 2006 at 1pm at the Student Center, Rosebud Theatre. It is free and open to all the public.

I am debating Jared Taylor, a racist in a suit. Look at his writings for the past 14 years under http://www.amren.com He believes that the first white persons that came to North America were “pioneers” and “nation builders,” not illegal aliens.
I say the first illegal aliens in the US were the pilgrims, his forefathers. I believe that the first illegal aliens in Texas were Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, and thousands of other criminals. He believes that they were freedom fighters and heroes.

Taylor also has racist views about certain people. White people are good and intelligent by nature. Blacks and browns (Latinos) are criminal by nature. Mexicans and other Latinos are invading the US and destroying the white way of life, he writes, says, and believes.

Come hear him. To him and his supporters, the US has been a white country, still is a white country, and should remain a white country. I believe this is a nation of immigrants and we should all accommodate each other and live peacefully as human beings not racial groups.

Mexico lost these lands we now call Texas and the Southwest in wars of aggression fought by the US in the early to mid-1800s. Political control over these lands transferred over to the US and our problems began. Overnight we were made illegal and unwanted in our own homelands. That is still the case today.

The Taylor’s of this country believe we should not come into the US unless we become like them. In the case of African Americans who were brought here in chains and into slavery, the Taylor’s of this country believe they are inferior and cannot become like them. In our case the Taylor’s believe we are not only different in our culture but deficient because we are not white.

I realize you probably do not believe such people exist today but they do and I am having this debate in public to expose this racist in a suit on April 28th at 1pm. If you cannot come, go read his material. Taylor and others are daily on the air on radio and television talking bad about Mexicans, immigrants and me in particular. I think we need to answer them back in public.

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