The Movement and the President

The Wall Street Journal has a peculiar way of talking about a measured shift in public opinion. By comparing poll numbers between December and today, the WSJ reports that citizens of the USA are less likely to think that immigration hurts more than helps.

To account for this shift the WSJ gives credit to the President for achieving his goal of a civil debate. And what about those amazing demonstrations that broke historical records from L.A. to Round Rock?
“Today, despite predictions of a backlash from demonstrations this spring demanding immigrants’ rights, the public is more evenly split.”

Is the WSJ saying that the public has been educated to tolerance because of the President, in spite of the demonstrations? A better assessment is possible.

The tendency of The Street to frame things top-down is contradicted by the rest of the poll, which shows that what worries Americans most is the prospect of two more years of uncontested Republican leadership.

Are people confident that the Democrats can supply the needed alternative? About this, in strict keeping with the evidence in front of them, citizens of the USA have significant doubts. It’s a good year for none of the above, says the WSJ, as the people of Texas already know.

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