What if they Opened a $20 Million Investigation on You?

Talk about criminalization. The Honorable Aaron Pena dragged
up this story from a San Francisco source: After spending $20 million
of our money investigating the life and friends of Henry Cisneros, a
special prosecutor has been ordered by the US Senate to release his
final report already. It has been kept under seal since August
We used to be among the good rep’s short list of links, but no
more. He’s gone all Quorum Report on us and AP, not even a
PinkDome link anymore. But we understand, he needs voters, not
philosophers on his side. For example, his answer to the border
drug wars is a committee
on substance abuse. That’s how one behaves in front of voters,
nurturing commonsense hypocrisies with warm milk. Apparently, it
can’t be helped. Here at TCRR we say, legalize it all: the drugs
and the people, too. BEFORE the border war breaks out.
Whatcha wanna bet  Quorum Report readers would think about that?

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