Hector Lopez is Free!

Updated 8pm CST

Hector Lopez has been released from a migrant detention center in Florence, AZ and is scheduled to fly home to Portland on Christmas Eve via Southwest Airlines. That’s the latest word from his mother this evening.

Rev. Peter Johnson of Dallas was able to visit with officials at the offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Phoenix today and make a holiday appeal for the release of Hector Lopez. The release was authorized this morning.

“We owe a tremendous thank you to all the people at ICE who made this release possible,” said Isenberg via telephone from Dallas. “I think we have to recognize that this release would not have happened without their willingness to expedite and give it extra effort, from the hearing officer, to the parole officer, to the checkout officer, to the secretary who processed the release forms.”

Isenberg said he will begin working on the return of Saad Nabeel, a Texas college student who was deported to Asia earlier this year.

“I have not heard Saad so upbeat and happy in months,” said Isenberg.

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