Saad Nabeel's No. 1 New Year's Resolution: Come Home to America

A 19-year-old engineering student from Texas who was deported to Bangladesh during his freshman year vows that he will return to America in 2011. Saad Nabeel has posted his New Year’s resolutions online, and number one one his list is, “To come home this year.”

Nabeel has been working on his return to America since he was deported in early 2010. Using a patched up Sony Vaio he reached out over the internet via Facebook and attracted the attention of Dallas-area reporters. The news reports attracted the attention of immigration advocate Ralph Isenberg.

When Isenberg helped to navigate a Christmas Eve reunion for deported college student Hector Lopez, Nabeel took heart that a way back home might be found. Isenberg says he has asked Nabeel to “pack his bags” for a return to Texas.

Here are the complete New Year’s resolutions posted by Nabeel at

My New Year’s Resolutions:

1. To come home this year.

2. Pay attention to others that are in need. There is always someone worse off than me.

3. Perhaps study law. This situation is a once in-a-lifetime eye opener as to what I should dedicate my life to: fighting injustice.

4. Never forget what others have done for me. Be loyal to them as they’ve been loyal to me. Remember: No one ever told them to help, they did it out of the kindness of their hearts.

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