Ramsey Muniz Returns from Near Death


Hermano Tez,

Near death
"I was the cry of the eagle and the breeze of
his flapping wings.
My spiritual face was seen in the colors of the wind
and in the dampness of the earth.
My face is illumination in life and death. I was
the first cry of a new born and the last breath
of dying.
My face is the spirituality of Aztlan and the soul,
Mexicayotl of the universe"


I’m finally receiving my strength back to where I
can write and share what would seem the last days
of my revolutionary life. Within a period of less
than two months I lost over sixty pounds. Irma was
with me the entire time, day and night, with tears
constantly running down her cheeks stating over and
over for me not to give up living. Brother, please
know that more than once I know that I was there with
the Almighty and in the near future I will share the
visions, transformation, and dreams of what was communicated
to my heart. You, my brother, were in one of my dreams
in that time of pain and suffering. I visited with my
mother Hilda, my grandmother Rosa, and my brother Rudy.
We all embraced and they were of the opinion that I
had to finish the destinies of our liberation, justice,
and eventually the return of our land (Aztlan).

"My face is seen in life and death. I was the first
cry of a newborn and the last breath of the dying. My
face is the spirit of Aztlan and soul of the universe.
Now I gaze into the mirror of life and see the face before
my birth. I yearn to be one with all once again. I see
my face in everything, and I now know who I am."


In one of my visions during the darkness of my
illness, when I was chained and shackled to the hospital
bed, messages shared that the direction in which we
are seeking is within — where all powers will come unto
us. We are in the immediate process of our Mexicano
cultural/spiritual revolution. Don’t worry about politics
or our political mission in the present. Our politics will
follow our Mexicano cultural/spiritual revolution, and if
you think about it and stop eating American apple pie, you
will clearly see that we are right and will succeed not for
ourselves, but for nuestra gente. Feel free to speak about
the following on my behalf: I am against the war in Iraq.
It is a religious war and will never be won. I protest
against recruiters coming into our Mexicano schools and
barrios trying to have them join the armed forces. Besides,
what do we have? I am against the laws and force used
against our Mexicano sisters and brothers crossing to America.
In reality it is written in our ancient writings that this
would happen in the future and guess what. The future is here.

In exile,

[Ramsey Muniz]

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