Interposition and Nullification at A&M

The recent announcement by Texas A&M University President Robert Gates on the suspension of

affirmative action places the College Station, Texas campus once again at the center of leadership for

Republican-style racism.

Texas A&M University is the home of the George Bush

presidential library and hosts a student body that is among the most conservative in the


On Dec. 3 (2003) Gates released a statement declaring that Texas A&M would no

longer pursue affirmative action… The decision is dismaying but hardly shocking, because the Texas

A&M University System has been historically reluctant to produce excellence in anti-racist leadership


Please see a collection of links and resources collected at the Texas Civil

Rights Review:

The evidence is

consistent and weighty in support of the proposition that “interposition and nullification” is the

living soul of the “Aggie Miracle.”

The words “interposition and nullification” are

taken from the 1963 “I Have a Dream Speech” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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